Metal Detector Underground Metal Finder Inductor G-old Treasure Hunter Seeker with LCD Display Sound Adjustment 5 Finding Modes Preicse Positioning with Headphone Headwear Batterys Powered Cell Operated Portable

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With this metal detector, you can find out  coins, relics, jewelry, g-old, and treasure anywhere, it is practicla and convenient to use. Easy to install with completed accessories. Just come and buy.

Clear lcd display, it shows the working mode, detedting target, detected depth, cell volume for you.
Included 3.5mm jack headphones(Optional) allows  you to operate it without disturb.
Different distinctive tones for different kinds of metal type makes it easier to identify the detected metal.
4 working modes + 1 customed mode for detecting all kinds of metal, user-friendly
Larger detecting h-ead design, larger searching scale and it can works in water(Deepest Depth: 1.5 meters) .
Upgrade detection sensitivity and better detecting depth for nice experience.
Designed with presice positioning technology, quick detecting, t-ime saving.

Type: Type 1(With Headphone) / Type 2(Without Headphone) (Optional)
Color: Black
Material: ABS
Mode: 4 working modes + 1 customed mode
Detected Indication: LCD screen
Working Frequency: 8.25kHz
Detection Depth: 0.5-10meters
Power Supply: 4 * AA battery (Not Included)
Metal display types: 4
Alarm sound types: 3 
Metal indetification refusal mode: Support
Package Weight: 1950g / 68.8ounces
Package Size: 545 * 225 * 130mm / 21.5 * 8.9 * 5.1inches(Length * Width * Height)

Packaging List:
1 * Metal Detector Main Unit
1 * Detection Coil  
2 * Connecting Rod
1 * Headphone (Optional)
1 * Manual 

The search coil is waterproof, but the control housing is NOT waterproof.