Handheld DIY Spot Welding Tool,USB Recharge Mini Spot Welding Machine for 18650 Battery,6 Gear Adjustable Portable Welding Machine

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6 gears of output power adjustable, 1-6-1 circulate, welding more accurate.
Comes with high rate lithium battery, and it can continuously welding thousands of points on 0.1-0.15mm nickle sheet after being fully charged.
The product is equipped with charging cable without charging head. Please use a fixed 5V output charger to charge. Do not use the fast charging head, otherwise the battery will be damaged.
Easy to use, one-button to on/off, very convenient.
Copper pen rod with 10AWG multi-silicone-wire, humanized sleeve for safety use.

Gears: 1-6 gears
Welding thickness: 0.1-0.15mm
Equipped with 3.7V, 5.5AH lithium battery.
Package Size:25x8x3cm
Package Weight:400g


1. Press and hold for 3 seconds, the buzzer will sound once, and turn on / off
2. Short press the button, the buzzer rings, shift the gear, press once to increase the gear, 1-6-1 cycle, the welding strength of gear 6 is the strongest. After pressing the key, observe the light, and the light flashes several times, which means several gears. When the power is off, the gear will be stored automatically. When the power is on next time, the gear will be stored by default.
3. After the welding pen is pressed, the buzzer will sound and wait for about 1 second to trigger welding.
4. When charging, the button light will remind you in the form of breathing light, and the light will be on after charging. The welding function is not available when charging.
5. If it doesn't work after working for a period of time, it may be that the power is too low, which leads to the single-chip microcomputer not working, the charging light is not on, and it doesn't start up. At this time, it can be charged for half an hour, and the voltage can be restored after rising.

Noted:After receiving the product, please charge it fully before using it to get the best results. 

Package List:
1XSpot welding machine
2XSpot Welding Pen 
2XRubber sleeve
1Xcharging cable