Cloud Pattern Camel Tomfeel Fiberglass Sculpture Home Decoration Original Design Camel

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This is an original sculpture designed by the TOMFEEL artist. The sculpture fused the two objects
whichhas totally no contact together in an abstract way. The overall shape of the sculpture is tall and straight, rich in texture and has distinct levels. The combination of cloud and camel represents infinite hope and vitality. 

Visually stunning modeling.
Combine camel element and cloud element together, surrealism design.
Suitable for interior decoration: Living room, study room, bedroom, etc.

Material: Fiberglass
Color: Bronze
Product size: 20 * 8 * 30cm / 7.9 * 3.1 * 11.8in (L * W * H)
Package size: 34 * 30.5 * 19cm / 13.4 * 12 * 7.5in (L * W *H)
Product weight: 875g / 30.86oz
Package weight: 1200g / 42.3oz

Package list:
1* Fiberglass Sculpture