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Duftkerze - Weißes Kaninchen Dekoratives Aromatherapie-Wachs Natürliches Baumwoll-Docht

USD 33.04

Tomfeel Duftkerze - Pink Piggy Dekorative Aromatherapie Wachs Natürliche Baumwolle Wick

USD 34.03

Tomfeel Duftkerze - Grüner Affe Dekorativer Aromatherapie Wachs Natürlicher Baumwoll-Docht

USD 34.03

Tomfeel Aroma Kerze - Gelb Kätzchen Dekorative Aromatherapie Wachs Natürliche Baumwolle Wick

USD 34.36

This 3D modeling sculpture is originally designed by Tomfeel artist--Peter Ren. It is about a pretty and charming mermaid. She is beautiful and attractive and looks romantic. The sculpture is concise but fashionable, and it is full of three dimensional appeal. The sculpture is delicate and elegant, and it is molded, grinded and colored by professional craftsman with more than 20 processes. The upper part of the body is golden and it is matched with the lower part of the body of blue color successfully, which makes the sculpture more attractive.

USD 440.64

This is an iron sculpture and it is designed by Tomfeel artist and handmade by professional craftsman.

USD 44.99