Chaos Cube 3D Printed Sculpture TOMFEEL

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Chaos Cube
Description: This is a 3D modeling original sculpture designed by the TOMFEEL artist. The sculpture cleverly combined minimalist geometric and delicate realistic characters together. The sculpture's shape is rich in artistic beauty, has a great visual impression. Geometry scattered like a magic box, representing the invisible but heavy stuff people bear and are trying to put the separated pieces together.
Combining people element with the Cube element, surrealism design.
3D printed. The perfect combination of technology and art.
Visually stunning styling.
Suitable for a variety of interior decoration: living room, study room, bedroom, etc.
Material: Photosensitive Resin
Color: White
Product Size: L23 * W13 * H30 cm
Package Size: L28.5 * W19 * H35 cm
Product weight: 266g
Package weight: 700g
Packing list:
1 * 3D Printed Sculpture