With a elegant industrial look, it is a cool way to display business cards on your desktop.

USD 13.17

Mini wire-wound storage bag, perfect for storing small items to prevent loss.

USD 14.02

Those cute animal rulers are made of good quality plastic. Very sturdy and serviceable. The lovely animal model make your life more wonderful and keep yourself in a good mood. They are useful learning tool as well as measuring tool for artists, designers, architects, engineers, students and so on.

USD 12.85

Those are lovely cartoon figure DIY pencil sharpener. You can enjoy the DIY assembly fun. They come with  little piece of erasers, which is very convenient for you to use. Their lovable exterior makes your study life more wonderful. 

USD 16.12

Auto-start working: plug the pencil in and push down lightly, then it will work automatically, safe and effortless.

USD 21.33

Fun sticky notes in beautiful and soft pastel colors, especially for you, make life more colorful and exciting. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes for whatever job you need to do. You can post the post notes on wall, bridge, piano or anywhere, and note down some information to avoid forgetting or leaving tips to others.

USD 15.95

This pencil bag has special flamingo pattern. Simple and fresh. Used to store makeup accessory and stationery, it is not easy to be broken.

USD 14.52

Non-slip rubber sleeve, feel comfortable for long-term writing.

USD 21.07

Blast-proof, fireproof and waterproof. High quality, good durability.

USD 16.48

Designed for removing heavy duty staples easily without tearing paper.

USD 20.77