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The latest evolution of SkyRC's classic B6 charger is here with the SkyRC B6 Evo Charger. For years, common RC battery charger programming has been confusing and difficult to understand. SkyRC has made extensive updates to the user interface of the B6 Evo to increase safety and simplify the programming. With new intuitive programming, the operation is a breeze, while new safety protocols help prevent common user errors.

USD 75.13

How many times have you buddy mocked you were bragging your RC machine goes over 100-blah-blah mph? We're betting too many times. So there are few ways to prove your RC car or plane is the fastest on earth. Now SkyRC delivers an app-enabled GNSS Performance Analyzer is an affordable and compact design.

USD 142.51

The stronger aspiration to develop a better charger for hobbyists is the creation source of B6 nano. In the premise of artistic product design, internal BT module confers B6 nano on its ability to be controlled by App. With B6 nano, charging becomes faster and more pleasant.

USD 68.59

Today, we are going to launch a new product, it is SKYRC D100 V2 Balance Charger Discharger Power Supply, the excellent workmanship ensures the remarkable performance. It can charge various types of battery, with its unprecedented function of voice guide, even a greenhand can use this charger without any hurdles. Mobile application of 11 languages comes with the useful "Scan to go" function. What are you waiting for, take it with you now.

USD 145.48

Functions: 100-240V Universal Power Supply, Short Circuit Protection, Balance Automatically, 20W*2 Maximum Circuit Power in dual channels, 0.5A/1A/1.5A/2.2A Selectable Currents.

USD 90.54

Universal Operation, Worldwide Safe: AC 100-240V AC Power input; No need for any voltage converter. Built for most demanding pocket charger, converts standard household power 100-240V AC to 24V DC power and supply up to 16 amperes of continuous power.

USD 210.12

SkyRC D100 v2 is a twin‐channel charger with two independent circuits which can charge 2 batteries of various chemistries (LiPo/ LiHV/ LiFe/ LiIon/ NiMH/ NiCd/ Pb) simultaneously. It is capable of operating as a power supply with a maximum output of 100 watts helps the hobbyists to power the DC equipment. With its unprecedented function of voice guide, even a green hand can use this charger without any hurdles. The mobile application of 11 languages comes with the useful "Scan to go" function.

USD 258.95

SKYRC BD250 Battery Discharger Analyzer, displays real-time battery voltage, discharged capacity, and discharge current. It can test battery capacity that helps select batteries with the desired capacity. It saves time when users wish to store their large capacity batteries. It helps activate the best performance of your batteries for competition.

USD 241.92

Stop wondering how fast your RC Car can run and how high your RC Airplane or helicopter can fly. Now all these data come at your finger with the GNSS SPEED METER by SkyRC.

USD 116.34