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The C5 heart rate monitor can measure your heart rate in real time by cordless way, suitable for your sports of cycling, running and training.

USD 60.98

Whether you are participating in competition training, daily fitness, or just want to know the mileage of your weekend riding, MINI Global Position Systembike computer is the right choice.

USD 169.77

Small volume but large sound, the wireless control bell can be install on anywhere of bicycle for cycling safety and anti-theft. And it supports usb power charge.

USD 74.45

Small volume but large sound, the cordless bell control can be installed anywhere and anti-theft security. And supports the usb charge.

USD 30.46

The bike sensor can collect data of speed and cadence at the same time when riding, support for connecting with riding APP or bike computer by BT. 

USD 36.29

The bike computer is handheld size for easy installation of bike, IPX6 waterproof for outdoor rainy day, white backlight for anytime view. Built-in positioning chip, it can accurately display speed, altitude, distance, riding time, odometer, etc.

USD 62.15

The bike sensor provides data of speed and cadence when you ride spinning bike, can connect with riding APP by BT. The speed or cadence mode for you to select.

USD 30.16