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High precise synchronous wheel, 20 teeth, 5mm bore diameter, match 6mm timing belt width.

USD 10.47

Assembled extruder hotend kit is compatible with CR-10S Pro/CR-10S Pro V2 3D printer.

USD 44.94

As a original replacement mainboard for Ender-5Pro 3D Printer.

USD 44.96

4.3 inch TFT touchscreen, simple operating interface, high sensitivity.

USD 37.69

3D printer full DIY Kit for upgrading Creality CR-10 into CR-10S.

USD 172.65

Made of high quality brass material, the sturdy and durable nozzle is rust-proof and anti-corrosion.

USD 15.22

With excellent adhesion, this magnetic sticker can better adhere to the platform than textured paper and glue.

USD 29.14

The simple appearance with arc edge and smooth lines leaves a deep impression. Aluminum alloy frame with a transparent double-door design is convenient to monitor the printing in all directions.

USD 986

【3D Printing Pen】:

USD 38.78

This professional sticker, suitable for Ender-3 3D printer.

USD 11.83

Assembled extruder kit, easy to use, compatible with Creality Ender-3 Max 3D Printer.

USD 23.17

New designed MK nozzle is crafted with advanced processing technology, which makes the printing model more smooth and delicate.

USD 7.82

Assembled extruder kit, easy to use, compatible with Creality Ender-3 V2 3D Printer.

USD 23.75

Assembled extruder kit, easy to use, compatible with Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer.

USD 30.71

2-in-1 wash and cure machine, one step to finish the model post-process. Three speed adjustable, intelligent control of washing and curing operation speed; 2-90min optional time, independent choice of appropriate time, so that the model has excellent surface performance. Magnetic 360 ° curing rotating tray, mirror reflective design, so that each angle of the model is fully cured. Touch-sensing button and LED high-definition screen, easy to use, sensitive operation.

USD 286