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Designed for bicyclists and skiers. It aims to offer you a clear and convenient intercommunication with your pillion or other riders while you running. Just attach the ear speaker to the felted pad, and then you can listen to music or FM radio, or even can pair another intercom and communicate with him or her within 1200 square meters. 

USD 93.26

The Q7 motorcycle BT headset supports up to 7 devices to connect, 2 riders real-time intercom, maximum use distance is 800m; Big buttons make the operation easier.

USD 81.32

The BT system that allows the max. call distance between two riders up to 1200m and actually realizes the fully duplex wireless communication among 4 riders at the same tme. 

USD 150.86

The suit is a set of multi-BT speaking systems that allow up to six riders to connect to each other. This walkie-talkie can be used in sports such as motorcycles, ski resorts and beach cars.

USD 146.88

Two people full duplex talking, and the host device can be connected with five auxiliaries. VOX voice launching, no need to press the button, convenient to operate. 

USD 88.38