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*Food grade silicone hose which can be used to make hoses and nipples on baby bottles.

USD 38.99


USD 106.29

This item Homgeek Blender 750W, Smoothie Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, Countertop Smoothie Maker with 51 oz BPA-Free Glass Pitcher for Crushing Ice and Frozen Fruit

USD 176.99

Das Finden ist es schwer, Ihre Seife zu speichern und zu platzieren? Nun ist diese kleine Seifenhalter kann dieses Problem für Sie lösen. Es ist Wand-Design wird Ihnen viel Komfort bringen und ist sehr platzsparend. Eigenschaften: Wand-Seifenhalter, bequem im Einsatz und platzsparend.

USD 7.29

*The polymer atomization technology is used to allow water molecules to fully diffuse into the air, so as not to produce backflow. 

USD 24.99

* Mini hand-held fan, adjustable in three gears.

USD 17.38

* Hand-held bladeless fan, adjustable in three gears.

USD 28.99

* Hand-held bladeless fan, adjustable in three gears.

USD 17.14

This liquid soap container comes with a rack for you to fix it on the wall, no need to worry about overturning liquid soap anymore.

USD 8.71

This is a very practical and high-quality soap holder featuring basket shape for water leaking and wall-mounted design for space-saving.

USD 21.13

This modern and high-quality tap adopts superior and environmental brass material which can protect user against harmful lead. Its modern and stylish design makes it suitable for kitchen in home or premier hotel.

USD 29.99

This kitchen faucet has double handle which allow user to control cold and hot water conveniently. 

USD 35.89

This stylish kitchen faucet adopts unique black hose which is anti-fingerprint. And its brass material can protect your water from lead pollution, providing a healthier environment for your family.

USD 55.46

This twin bathroom faucet is fashion and stylish with polished and chromed surface. It will match your modern bathroom perfectly.

USD 39.99

Perfect curving shape with square lever, it looks very modern and beautiful. More importantly, it is of high-quality and durable performance.

USD 25.28