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Rii i8X Plus is an advanced 2.4GHz wireless mini QWERTY keyboard and TouchPad combo which support voice input, with USB interface receiver. Plug and play, simple and smooth. The mini keyboard ensures convenient typing, and you can control your devices on your couch.

USD 26.99

This mini wireless keyboard has BT and 2.4G dual modes. It can be used for e-mails, remote control, message input and games. It is compatible with PC, laptop, for Mac OS, Linux, Android TV box, and Windows system. Convenient to use, you can use it on the sofa to browse the Internet.

USD 32.99

It is a truly versatile keyboard:mini keyboard + touchpad + multimedia + backlit + wireless connection, which can meet your various needs and give you remarkable keyboard experience. If you want to enjoy awesome multimedia service, just connect the smart TV or make the touchpad converted to multimedia mode by pressing a specific button. Besides, the extension cord (included) effectively extends the operation range and the wireless working range is up to 15 meters.

USD 49.88