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Hantek 2D72 3-in-1-Handheld-Digitaloszilloskop + Wellenformgenerator + Multimeter

USD 300.9

Hantek Max. 2000V DC 100 X 100 MHz 100MΩ Oszilloskop Clip Passive Hochspannungs-Fühler.

USD 17.4

Hantek 1008A 8 Kanäle Auto Diagnose Oszilloskop

USD 129.41

Zertifiziertes Hantek DSO5102P Digitales Speicheroszilloskop

USD 295.33

Hantek Max. 600V DC Peak AC X1 X10 60 MHz 10MΩ Oszilloskop Clip Sonde mit Zubehör.

USD 11.68

DSO3064 2ST große Delphin Gator Hantek HT18A Crocodile Clip Montage von Clips rot + schwarz

USD 3.48

This automotive battery tester is mainly used to test and analyze 6V 12V 24V battery including CCA/IEC/EN/DIN/JIS Value, voltage, internal resistance and battery life. It can be widely applied to measure various types of 6V 12V 24V storage batteries. Very easy to understand and use even for beginners.

USD 56.99

The LCR is a portable handheld measuring instrument used to measure inductance, capacitance, resistance and other component parameters. With compact size and powered by 5V lithium batteries, it can be used in desktop applications as well as mobile and handheld measurement applications.

USD 285.99

DSO2D15 7 Inch TFT LCD screen oscilloscope is fine quality and low price, with the characteristics of 150MHz band width and 1GSa/s sampling rate, built-in 25MHz signal generator, support any type

USD 625.99