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Support 2.4GHz&5.8GHz dual-frequency, the wireless rate up to 650Mbps, you can chat online or watch videos more fluently.

USD 22.8

COMFAST AC Dual Band Network Card enjoys high speed and powerful signal reception and steady performance. It supports Windows 7/XP/Vista and Windows 8/10, Linux and Mac os.

USD 42.99

This wireless bridge does not need enter web page setup, just dial key to setup. Excluding tedious web setup smart key dial for CCTV video monitoring.

USD 94.85

The 1200Mbps wireless adapter has 2.4G and 5G dual band. It is easy to use. Plug and play. WPS encryption and dust prevention. Compact size takes up less space. It is ideal to use at home and company.

USD 25.99

This wireless adapter has 150Mbps transmission speed and it is both a BT transmitter and wireless USB adapter.

USD 16.99

Featuring 1900Mbps dual-band high speed transmission rate, the network card is applied with high standard. Wifi speed and stability is promoted. Its performance becomes even better when used with pro-level gaming computers.

USD 58.99

Are you suffering from these prblems? Unstable signal, terrible coverage, clumsy design for assemble and painful maintenance. This wireless router will help you out. It has fast speed and duan band ensures stable transmission.

USD 88.99

The wireless router has wide coverage. Two external antennas ensures strong signal. It is optimal router for home and office use. Stable and smooth WiFi network is ensured.

USD 24.99

The wireless router allows you to enjoy an instant wireless internet surfing. You can use it at restaurant, hotel, shopping mall, the exhibition center and meeting room. 

USD 48.99

The WiFi repeater has four antennas that ensure stable signal. 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz secures high speed and stable signal. It can easily through the walls. Let WiFi cover all corners of your house.

USD 43.99

CF-EW71 uses Qualcomm QCA9531 main chip, with 64 MB high-speed memory, 16 MB flash memory, providing a strong data forwarding and processing capabilities. You can use it at scenic spot, community, park, school, plant area, shopping mall or villages.

USD 59.99

2.4G frequency game router, fast, fluent and stable, through it, you can share your own music, photos, movies and other formats of documents.

USD 62.59