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2-band equalizer, very compact, provides high sensitivity and great performance, for good sound.

USD 25.51

Bb flat trumpet with a silver plated mouthpiece, providing you with excellent tone.

USD 240.7

Standard 17 keys thumb piano: D2, B7, G5, E3, C1, A6, F4, D2, C1, E3, G5, B7, D2, F4, A6, C1, E3, can play lots of songs, suitable for children, adults, and beginners.

USD 60.94

Classic-style sustain pedal for electronic organ, MIDI keyboard, digital piano, etc.

USD 47.19

Kalimbas, also known as Thumb Piano, originates from Africa as a kind of portable musical instrument.

USD 66.99

Kalimbas, also known as Thumb Piano, originates from Africa as a kind of portable musical instrument.

USD 59.56

it is made of transparent acrylic body, durable and sturdy, very fined stainless steel keys.

USD 19.82

Including a handcrafted metal singing bowl, a beautiful hand sewn soft cushion and a wooden striker, traditional design and exquisite workmanship.

USD 69.08

Specially designed for storing flat cajon box drum, also with an outside pocket for storing castanets, tambourine, etc.

USD 27.82

8pcs handbells in 1 set, made of iron and plastic, durable and colorful, with uniform structure and exquisite workmanship.

USD 50.26

Good percussion instrument helps for the kids' auditory and music training, and explore their music-making talents during the enlightenment period.

USD 14.42

With 2 voice slots, this dual tone wooden percussion instrument features clear and penetrating voice, which is conducive to the cultivation of children' s creativity.

USD 19.49

Drum head is made from polyester, which is durable and gives a pleasant and quality sound.

USD 21.7

The external metal shell can greatly reduce the reflection of object and sound, also can effectively resist the noise generated by the external environment reverberation.

USD 96.15

Built-in dual-core DSP digital chip, the sound card can switch multiple scene modes arbitrarily and supports dual microphones, dual live broadcasts, dual headphones. It also supports one-key elimination of original sound, one=key noise reduction, multiple groups of sound change fine-tuning and other functions. Very suitable for web live broadcast, mobile K song, music recording, etc.

USD 76.75

headphone amplifier made of metal shell, strong and sturdy, lasts to use, adopts anti-slip pads at the bottom for stability.

USD 59.65

2-in-1 7 keys xylophone toy bus, early musical percussion instrument and fun toy for young kids, beneficial to brain development.

USD 41.82

Drum Set Toy: Integrates drums and cymbals in one, kids can use the drumsticks to beat the drum. Powered with 4pcs AA batteries(Not included), easy to replace.

USD 63.99

8-key mini electronic piano keyboard toy, perfect for toddler and young kids to play and having much fun.

USD 11.32

Cute airplane shaped toy with 3 wheels, it can be placed on the ground. Colorful appearance makes it visually attractive to kids.

USD 35.99