• Computer & Stationery

The PCB has a built-in selection terminal for driving the SPI working mode, and is compatible with STEP/DIR and SPI modes.

USD 24.81

Continue the features of the TMC series driver, the mute effect is excellent, and the chip irternally can expand 16 microsteps to 256 microsteps.

USD 23.58

One-button Printing:

USD 269.5

Optical grade high-definition material, light transmittance up to 95%, making the print more smooth.

USD 12.45

First layer is PEI film, amber color, smooth surface, good adhesion to various printing materials, especially PLA and ABS, heat resistant is up to 260 ℃.

USD 49.23

Small size, simple structure. Through the Hall effect control, provides high precision leveling.

USD 40.4

100% brand new product, which can be a good repair replacement.

USD 7.77

3.5inch screen, bigger and more comfortable handfeel. ARM Cortex-M3 Series STM32F207VCT6 master controller with 32-bit main frequency of 120MHZ.

USD 69.11

Made of high quality aluminum foil with flame retardant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, enabling safe printing.

USD 127.12

Made of high quality material, durable, wear and corrosion resistant.

USD 23.36

This 100K ohm thermistor for Ender-3 or other compatible 3D printers heat bed & extruder.

USD 8.31

2-in-1 wash and cure machine, one step to finish the model post-process. Three speed adjustable, intelligent control of washing and curing operation speed; 2-90min optional time, independent choice of appropriate time, so that the model has excellent surface performance. Magnetic 360 ° curing rotating tray, mirror reflective design, so that each angle of the model is fully cured. Touch-sensing button and LED high-definition screen, easy to use, sensitive operation.

USD 286

High precise idle pulley, 20 teeth, 5mm bore diameter, match 6mm timing belt width.

USD 8.56

High precise synchronous wheel, 20 teeth, 5mm bore diameter, match 6mm timing belt width.

USD 8.03