This module is programmable control design, can achieve thousands of functions, with stable and reliable working performance. Built-in watchdog timer circuit, to ensure that the module can suitable for a long time to run. Convenience to programming, reusable, stable performance and easy to expand.

USD 34.19

The battery is quickly charged and the voltage is adjusted to 4.2V for quick and safe charge.

USD 19.76

These waterproof connectors adopt premium material, offer reliable & safe connection, no loose, protect your car and electrical device from short circuit, overload etc. It is suitable for motorcycle, scooter, car, truck, caravan, marine, jet ski, boats, etc. 

USD 22.83

Employing Peltier effect, this small cooling system can be used as a DIY refrigerator or a small aircon for cooling small space, such as laptop, pet bed, etc. Also it's a perfect DIY kit for electronic enthusiasts to do experiments at home.

USD 59.75

This product is a intelligent WiFi device, it is equipped with a lightweight power management module, ample USB interfaces, and multiple dovetail mounting methods. With the rich functions of the ASIAIR App, for astronomical deep space photography, with powerful support from equipment integration to image-capture.

USD 586.8

Level meter, VU meter, a small table-driven power amplifier board, a professional audio amplifier chip.

USD 16.25

PWM motor speed controller panel with accurate digital display in 0-100 percentage format.

USD 17.52

Activate and charge the mobile phone battery, suitable for most mobile phones.

USD 20.68

8-channel logic analyzer with a maximum sampling rate of 24M and a measurement bandwidth of 80ns.

USD 14.87

This product is designed based on the needs of agricultural irrigation, animal husbandry and factories, etc to detect water lever so as to control water level relay.

USD 12.18

With real MPPT solar maximum power point tracking function, automatic intelligent charging management, reduce power loss, low power consumption.

USD 18.75

Employ advanced digital audio signal processing (DSP) technology and FM modulation phase-locked loop (PLL) to make sound more realistic, more stable performance, long working time, no frequency deviation.

USD 16.39

The product features high energy efficiency, long service life and low power consumption, convenient and safe to use. 

USD 25.94