3-Channel Temp/Humidity -- Wireless weather station adopt advanced RF sensor technology, can support up to 3 wireless outdoor sensors(only 1 included), which gathers data precisely, and transmits quickly to indoor receiver. 60 Meters transmission range in an open area. Waterproof level (outdoor sensor) IPX4.

USD 39.99

This wood moisture tester is professional to measure the moisture level of various woods . The measurement helps to determine whether the tested wood needs to continue to dry or not so that you can better safeguard the wood quality.

USD 39.99

This is a kind of quality oscilloscope, ARM+FPGA+ADC architecture, with 120M bandwidth and 500M sampling rate, more stable and with higher precisions. Widely application on mcu debugging, car repair, home appliance repair, DIY electronic competition, power-supply debugging, inverter, etc. You can have a try.

USD 160.82

This digital floor heating thermostat uses the advanced microcomputer chip control and high accurancy sensor to control temperature of electric heating devices. Control motorized ball valve, motorized valve, thermal valve, solenoid valve, heater, electric heating film and electric heating carbon crystal. It's mainly used for floor heating and water heating.

USD 38.99

Multi-purpose infrared thermometer provides measurements of surface and ambient temperature, humidity level, dew point, together with mildew detection, all in one tool. Handy Type K Thermocouple included for contact measurements. It's efficient, accurate and easy to use.

USD 45.99

This is a pen-type digital thermometer, which is designed to provide fast and accurate temperature measurement. It is a must-have in the kitchen helping you get the right level of 'doneness'as you wish.

USD 12.12

This is a clever digital thermometer that can set temperatures required by different tastes and meats to your liking. It features a timer and wireless data transmission, so you don't have to stare at the meat till it's cooked. It will tell you the current temperature and alarm to remind you when the meat is done.

USD 20.95

With built-in high precision temperature and humidity sensor for measuring temperature, humidity, wet bulb and dew point, the temperature and humidity meter is small enough to be hold in your pocket.

USD 26.33

This new type alarm clock can not only let you see the time, but also can detect the temperature and humidity for you, you do not need to buy them individually, which can save your money, with large LCD display screen, so you can see the data more clearly, come on and try it, it will not let you down.

USD 34.81

This tool is utility for you to use in your daily homelife or your working. You can use it for not only time checking, but also can check the temperature and humidity, which is convenient and save your time. With big LED screen, you can see the data more clearly. Come on and try it, it will not let you down.

USD 26.99

This intelligent temperature and humidity meter is suitable for home, office and other scenes, with intelligent devices and gateways, can effectively improve the comfort of lifes.

USD 13.33

This digital food thermo-meters can be used to measure the temperature of various food and meat, help users cook different kinds of food materials, efficient and convenient, is a nice helper of the kitchen.

USD 16.99

This is a weather clock, can clearly show the temperature and humidity, easy to read, can show the humidity and temperature trends.

USD 29.05

[LCD Display Screen] Two parts display, more intuitive and clearer to read real-time temperature and real-time humidity.

USD 16.01

The equipment is a nice simple equipment for outdoor sports amateur. For outdoor sports enthusiasts to provide a wide ranges of necessary and accurate information, such as: electronic altimeter, weather forecast with com-pass, barometer, clock and so on.

USD 23.99

With a large LCD screen with backlight, this multifunctional temperature and humidity radio controlled clock is equipped with wireless outdoor transmitter, which can be used to detect indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. In addition, it can display time & date, set alarm clock and forecast the weather, capable of being placed on the desktop or hung on the wall.

USD 52.99

The display screen is simple and clear at a glance, which is convenient for you to check the weather and time, so that you are prepared for every trip.

USD 65.99