ANDYCINE D-Tap to Weipu BMPCC 4K/6K power cable allows you to power the BMPCC4K using any V-Mount or Gold Mount battery with a P-Tap plug.

USD 28.83

Power adapter cable for Ronin S gimbal stabilizer to BMPCC camera.

USD 31.77

High transmission efficiency, makes connection more stable.

USD 12.45

Allow 3.5mm self-powered microphones to be used for iOS devices, such as for iPhone, for iPad and so on.

USD 86.58

Turn camera mic into smartphone mic. 3.5mm connection suitable for a wide brands of smartphone.

USD 10.52

Professional spring PC sync cable- can be extended to 1M.

USD 2.2

Gold lacquered 3.5mm TRS male plug end is for microphone, mixer, sound card and recorder devices.

USD 26.14