Main body is made of aluminum alloy, slider rail is made of carbon fiber.

USD 1121.01

Portable 3-wheel auto dolly with 5 levels of adjustable speed(11.8mm/s, 16.4mm/s, 19.5mm/s, 22mm/s, 25.8mm/s), ultra low noise and stable movement, suitable for time lapse/macro/low angle video shooting.

USD 89.86

 Andoer 40cm portable camera slider track features super smooth and silent sliding effect. It works well with DSLR camera, tripod head and smartphones. Sent with a phone tripod mount.

USD 54

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, durable but lightweight. Max. load capacity is up to 5kg, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work.

USD 45.17

Andoer GT-V250 Slider is the slider that combines portable size with long camera travel. It gives twice the amount of camera travel travel compared to regular sliders at its size.

USD 92.99

Andoer mini auto video dolly is a good helper for stable macro & low angle video shooting and short-time time lapse. You can realize straight line and creative camera moving by changing dolly wheel angle. The process is smooth and stable.

USD 43.69

Upgraded motorized camera dolly with scale indication, 3 speeds adjustable (2.4cm/s 2.6cm/s 2.8cm/s); support move to the opposite direction; Wheel angle 180°adjustable, you can achieve creative circle route/straight line movement. An perfect auto dolly for time lapse/macro/low angle video shooting.

USD 84.54

Main body is made of aluminum alloy, slider rail is made of carbon fiber.

USD 786.12

Kingjoy PPL-06S upgraded auto dolly can move in straight line / circle route. 5 speeds adjustable, support move to opposite direction. It can carry max. 4kg load and work for 1-10h at different loads. USB rechargeable. It is designed for professional video making with smartphone, action camera DSLR/ILDC camera, DV & etc

USD 105.57

Made of high quality aluminum alloy, high load capacity but lightweight. Suitable for video filming with many kinds of camcorders, SLR cameras, DSLR and DV. It will be a good partner for your video shooting.

USD 44.52

Portable Smooth Slider: 40cm/15.75inch camera slider, compact size but powerful, lightweight for convenient carry.

USD 61.58

It is a perfect combination of slider car and table dolly. The platform can move to the right/left on the 60cm long track. With 4 soundless wheels, it can move around the ground smoothly. You can adjust the wheel position and axle angle to make straight slides or creative curved movements. Great for moving shooting.

USD 59.99

Shooting is more steady with body mechanics, The DSLR Rig Movie Kit can be used for many hours a day without any fatigue or stress. It completely eliminates back neck and arms stress. It can extend your camera to any angle in any direction. Whether overhead, high angel or low angle shot, it allows you to use imagination to your own needs. Being the best DSLR stabilization system!

USD 57.51

Andoer 40cm portable camera slider track features super smooth and silent sliding effect. Sent with a dimmable LED light and a phone tripod mount.

USD 95.78

Kingjoy VM-301A mini jib crane is designed for DSLR cameras, camcorders with 1/4 inch threaded hole. Used in film crew, television, advertising companies, feature films, colleges and universities audio-visual educational well in film and television production,etc, all kinds of professional settings.

USD 230.85

Made of aluminum alloy material, with great load bearing, stable and durable to avoid the vibration of the motor and provides smooth silent slide for continuously adjusting during video recording.

USD 385.34