A unique effect which almost seems to slow the sound down.The Slow Hand cuts off the attack of each note and produces an effect like rolling up the volume knob on the guitar or that of a bowed instrument. Swells like a slow gear. Used with delay it can create some interesting backwards sounding passages.

USD 57.85

Compact size and full metal shell design, portable and durable, with 10 isolated DC outputs for 9V/12V/18V guitar effects.

USD 110.31

Full analog circuit, warm, clear, smooth analog delay sound.

USD 89.48

Single noise gate guitar pedal, noise killer for guitarists.

USD 51.04

In order to break through some limitations of analog circuits, we adopt the third generation digital platform of Mooer to create the high-quality Triangolo Digital Tremolo Pedal. It has great adjustability.

USD 104.18

With 2 ring modes, providing standard bells, and surrounding & convoluting bells.

USD 120.8

Professional fisherman folk acoustic guitar sound pick-up, portable in size and weight, easy to install and remove, rotary knob operation and control, highly rate of work, low noise, nice extension and gain.

USD 29.99

Take off to the skies with the JET ENGINE dual flanger pedal from MOOER. This Micro sized modulation stompbox, packs two different digital algorithms which can beautifully recreate all your favourite analog flange effects from the 70's and 80's. The beauty of it being digital is that all of the effect parameters are extremely flexible.

USD 104.35

Corded power adapter for electric guitar amplifier,effectors.

USD 22.03

Dual channels preamp pedal, and each channel with gain and volume controls.

USD 180.57

3 in 1 guitar multi-effects pedal, delay + ocean verb + distortion, giving you various guitar sounds. Aluminum alloy shell, durable to use; portable design, easy to carry.

USD 135.04

3 in 1 guitar multi-effects pedal, echo + ensemble + overdrive, giving you various guitar sounds. Aluminum alloy shell, durable to use; portable design, easy to carry.

USD 112.01

Modulation effect pedal with 8 sound modes(Flanger/Chorus/Vibrato/Tremolo/Doubling/Phase/Ring/Pitchshift), providing a diverse range of ready-to-play modulation effects.

USD 100.29

Digital delay effect pedal with 8 delay modes: Echo, Modulate, Reverse, Analog, Tape, Ducking, Sweep and Band.

USD 102.65

A good helper for you to improve efficiency in daily life and at work.

USD 48.4

Metal distortion pedal has special and strong distortion effect, entirely gaining and boosting the distortion degree of metal.

USD 55.98

You're getting a hand-made, fully-tested pedal using the original-spec FET-based op-amps, meaning low noise operation and smooth top-end response.

USD 104.31