Real-time display of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity change and helps you to adjust your thermostat or humidifier and ensure you will always live in the most comfortable environment!

USD 35.99

This is an indispensable product in your intelligent home system. LCD display, give you a clearer use experience. Supports app remote control via your mobile phone with sound and infrared control to control the indoor temperature. Come on and try it.

USD 58.99

Low noise and light, warm and comfortable:

USD 34.49

ZigBee thermostatic radiator valve is an energy-saving thermostat for the heating radiator that is compatible with the ZigBee wireless standard. As a heating radiator thermostat, it uses the Home Automation Profile 1.2 as an HVAC compatible terminal device. It will be your best choice of temperature controlling for smart home.

USD 60.99

Become hot immediately when it is on:

USD 36.49

Digital wireless indoor and outdoor thermometer with remote sensor of 98ft/ 30m sensing range, very accurate and can be widely used indoor or outdoor. A perfect choice of temperature and humidity monitoring for home, office, greenhouse, wine cellar, warehouse, etc.

USD 40.99

Do you want a smart helper that can help you easily control temperature? We can provide you with lots of products that can be applied not only for water floor heating or electric floor heating, but also for water/gas boiler. MoesHouse smart thermostat will be your best choice of temperature controlling for home. Never miss the good item! 

USD 46.39

The space heater can fast heat up in 2 seconds, it is energy-saving and safer than traditional heater due to the high heat conversion rate, no naked flame, maximize your comfort with the least cost.

USD 32.59

* Wireless transmission up to 30 meters, very convient to use.

USD 31.89

This desktop heater in a hexagon shape appearance is exquisite and compact. It is equipped with energy-saving PTC ceramic heating elements and 2 gear control. It delivers the air softly and the temperature rises fast, which gives you a warm indoor environment.

USD 70.69

Smart thermostat provides uniform and comfortable temperature control throughtout every room in your property. With technology, craftsmanship and quality materials to offer you a safe, reliable thermostat combined with sleek, contemporary design.

USD 97.39


USD 96.69

This product has the characteristics of heating special, multi-function, large-screen LCD display. It adopts microcomputer control technology. Based on the comparison result of indoor temperature and set temperature, the begin and stop of heating equipment are controlled by relay to achieve indoor constant temperature and energy saving. Come on and try it.

USD 81.99

The fan heater uses a metal wire plus a mica plate as heating facility, which features high energy conversion efficiency, rapid and uniform heating, no flame, no oxygen consumption, and long service life. It is light weight and compact, great to have in bedroom, office and student dormitory.

USD 51.89

Low noise and light, warm and comfortable:

USD 62.69