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It features beautiful, elegant, melodious appearance. The key is responsive and with beautiful sounds. The key is made of high quality cupronickel plated nickel material. It is perfect for the clarinet enthusiast because of its exquisite workmanship.

USD 109.99

Bb saxophone with beautiful embossed patterns on the frosted surface.

USD 49.99

Bamboo reeds for Eb alto saxophone with excellent response. 

USD 5.45

10pcs of high quality reeds for Bb tenor saxophone in one pack to suit your needs.

USD 3.99

Based on a well-known Red distortion, the POCKDIST is a smooth vintage voiced distortion pedal with lots of dynamics. The gain ranges all the way from very low saturation to very high , making an incredibly versatile distortion.

USD 65.99

Just connect your condenser mic to the MIC INPUT and connect a cable from the MIC THRU to your mixer or computer, then you can get low noise full-frequency response. +12 V or +48 V power selectable design for maximum flexibility.

USD 29.99

This is a portable and universal tuner used for the tuning of guitar, chromatic, bass and ukulele. It will indicate tuning status by showing 3 sorts of color. Its tuning precision is up to ±0.5 cent. This tuner will be a good choice for you to keep your instrument in tune. Get one before supplies run out.

USD 6.99

Based on a classic Direct Drive, the POCKDRIVE is a high-output vintage overdrive pedal with plenty of gain and volume on tap. The variable tone control and Mid hump switch provide a vast array of tonal possibilities resulting in a super versatile overdrive pedal that can fit many applications.

USD 55.99

6 channels mixing console with XLR, LINE inputs and 48V phantom power.

USD 137.99

With 8 completely isolated high-current DC 9V (each max.500mA) outputs, providing stable and noise free performance; can power 8pcs DC 9V guitar effects at the same time without losing any signal intensity.

USD 76.66

4-channel mixing console with mono MIC & balanced LINE inputs, supports power amplifier function(250W * 2).

USD 189.99

Compact and powerful stereo looping pedal, high quality uncompressed audio: 24-bit A/D/A, 44.1KHz sample rate and unlimited overdubbing.

USD 98

Super mini 2-channel mixing console designed for home stuido recording, network live broadcast, karaoke, etc; 5V low voltage power supply design, can be powered by computer or 5V power bank through the including USB cable, easy to carry and convenient to use.

USD 107.56

The POCKMON is an all in one solution for the professional guitarist on the go. Following diligent research we've integrated a combination of the most commonly used and desirable effects pedals into one, simple to use, floor unit. A built-in parallel effects loop makes it easy to use with your favorite stompboxes or connect to your favorite amplifiers using the 4 cable method. The PHONES output with built-in cab sim for home practice or DI connection with PA and recording equipment. All the parameters and functions are laid out in front of you just like a traditional pedal board. Easy to view and adjust.

USD 144.6

OCTA is the new member of ammoon effect pedal family, it provides impeccable tracking and sound. With 3 separate control knobs for dry, sub octave and octave up, making your 6-string guitar sounds like 12-string. High-quality and silent true bypass footswitch design, provides you with maximum signal path integrity.

USD 147.63