This product is used for food storage and preservation, can be loaded into meat, vegatables, fruits, seafood and other food for convenient storage.

USD 87.99

Waterproof: protect floors from messy food and water spills; waterproof mat has thick, raised edges that help contain both food and liquids, even with the messiest of eaters.

USD 26.39

Domestic use living room snack rack fruit plate, 3 layer foldable design, large capactiy, space saving to storage. Thicken ABS material, large bearing capacity. Multi-tooth design, non-slip handle, portable and delicate.

USD 46.99

Coffee has many benefits, but each time you go to the cafe to buy coffee will waste of time and cost a lot of money, so more and more people choose to use their own coffee machine to make coffee, coffee capsules in the coffee machine is very important.

USD 39.99

The hot pot dish is flower shape and pentagon partition, stackable and stable. Large capacity, it is beautiful and practical to put vegetables, setfood and meat.

USD 18.89

Multi-layer design is suitable for storing different sizes and types of pastries and vegetables.

USD 38.29

This special and decorative paper towel stand is nice and practical for kitchen and bathroom. Its sturdy and non-slip design makes it perfect for any style kitchen, including contemporary, traditional, French country, modern, Tuscan, classic cottage and more. You can move it from place to place as its upright design. 

USD 3.31

This set of 6 stretch lids are made from non-toxic food grade silicone, flexible and soft, stretchable to match with bowls in any shape. Their good sealing helps keep food fresh longer and prevent spill.

USD 8.99

Made of fine quality material, long-lasting to use.

USD 12.85

Made of fine quality material, long-lasting to use.

USD 9.95

Made of fine quality material, long-lasting to use.

USD 7.78

The stainless steel sugar bowl is very useful and versatile for storing sugar, salt, seasoning, pepper and more.

USD 6.22