Touch sensor design, easy to operate, a wonderful nail tool for your nail art.

USD 111.23

Electric Nail Clipper can cut and polish your nails safely and efficiently, user-friendly design, especially suitable for kids, the senior, or people with poor eyesight.

USD 52.99


USD 8.66

 With 12 pieces of different maniucure implements, this tool kit can be widely applied for manicuring, pedicuring, eyebrow shaping, anti-acne, exfoliating, etc..

USD 24.29

Pretty enough for nail art design. It will be a nice gift option for both women and kids for the coming holiday. Dress up yourself on holidays with these nail sequins. 

USD 17.99

The nail glue extension set, equipped with the basic accessories needed for nail art, practicla and professional. It provides nail glue, nail molds, top&base coat, double-ended nail pen, nail file, nail cleaner, nail sticker and rhinestones. You can use it for professional or home manicure.

USD 29.99

0-35,000rpm speed adjustable, you can adjust the speed you want for different usage.

USD 122.39

This product is safe to use, convenient and compact. Make your life healthy and enjoyable

USD 33.29

3W nail lamp with 3pcs led lights.2timer(45s,60s) for your choice. Despite the small size, this nail lamp is suitable for all types of nail gel. Bring one home, DIY. 

USD 19.39

This product uses 254nm UV and adopts ozone  technology for providing you c-lean environment and healthy life. Perfectly used in different occasions, such as in the car, kitchen, wash-room, cabinet, closet, pets house, etc. What are you waiting for? Just buy and enjoy.

USD 38.47

The nail polishing machine is pen-type, small size and lightweight. Superior alloy body, comfortable to hold. 3 minutes quick portable armour removal. USB cable, plug and play, strong motor, variable gear speed regulation, one-key switch, idler wheel adjust rotate speed, included 11 types grinding head, easy to deal with all kinds of nail problems.

USD 40.69

It's perfectly used in spas, beauty parlors as well as personal use in homes and it can get the job done in much less time.

USD 33.39

Multifunctional 16 pieces combination to meet your daily grooming deeds, including hand care, facial care, foot care.

USD 26.59

USD 14.99