* After adding the device, the temperature and humidity data will be automatically displayed on the App.

USD 20.69

Solar-charging, energy saving and environmental protection, as long as there is light there is electricity.

USD 90.59

Z-Wave Radio Frequency: EU version 868.4MHZ only

USD 30.99


USD 55.79

This hygrothermograph of high precision is multi-functional. It is equipped with the functions of temperature and humidity measurement, alarm, weather forecast, date, and comfortable level display. With this meter, it's easy for you to be aware of the changes in your living environment. Your life will be more convenient and organized.

USD 48.29

This paint thickness measurement is a portable coating thickness gauge, which can quickly and accurately measure non-metallic coating thickness( such as paint and film). It's widely used in detection areas like the manufacturing industry, car washing industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry, and commodity inspection.

USD 42.49

This is an useful tool for you to use in your daily life to monitor whether the water is leak. Sometimes, after you finish your work and come home to find that the fau-cet that you didn't turn off in time, and the water has made your house completely soaked and your floors and furniture badly damaged. But with this product, you do not need to worry about the above problem anymore, come on and try it, it will not let you down.

USD 27.99


USD 132.69


USD 71.69

2-in-1 water quality test: The meter has a two-in-one function, which can measure Total Dissolved Solid and temperature(℃/℉) with high precision at the same time. All-round measurement of water quality to ensure healthy water quality.

USD 14.49

3-in-1 water quality test: The meter has a three-in-one function, which can measure PH, Total Dissolved Solid and temperature with high precision at the same time. All-round measurement of water quality to ensure healthy water quality.

USD 61.99

Accurate and Reliable: To achieve high accuracy, equipped with the premium quality probe, and reliable Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensures reading always be accurate at a temperature of 0℃~60℃.

USD 22.49

*Wifi carbon monoxide detector works in TuyaSmart or Smart life APP.

USD 57.79

Made of premium plastic shell, durable and sturdy.

USD 46.99