With the sliders, you can directly and conveniently adjust to different effects, get a guitar effect that belongs only to you.

USD 94.58

The stylish guitar effect pedal comes in cool bright yellow color with bumblebee pattern for you who love music and pursue personality.

USD 94.94

With 9 isolated outputs, independent short-circuit and over-current protection provide safer powering.

USD 101.84

Compressor pedal with fully analog circuit and a broader adjustable range.

USD 50.5

This multi-functional live sound card has 30 kinds of live sound effects, 12 kinds of electricity sound and 12 kinds of modes which can meet your different need. 

USD 76.94

Compact size 6-channel mixer, 5V USB power supply, can be powered by power adapter, power bank or computer conveniently, suitable for home music recording, webcast, karaoke, network singing, etc.

USD 145.45

With bass and treble 2-band EQ for adjusting, control range both is ±12dB.

USD 30.83

58 types of effect, up to 8 types can be used simultaneously, 11 cabinet models, 32-bit DSP, high performance 24Bit 44.1kHz AD/DA converter.

USD 129.99

Those of you familiar with the "Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face" will be very interested in this little gem. If you're looking for an inexpensive good quality moderate fuzz to add to your board then this effect pedal is the ideal one. The 3 controls can produce anything from virtually clean to a moderate Fuzz with Crunch type effect at lower levels.

USD 45.42

A professional guitar pickup eliminates external noise interference, produces clear tone and amplifies your guitar's sound.

USD 22.38

The volca kick is not just a kick drum machine. You can use the 16-key touch-panel keyboard to perform dynamic kick bass, and take advantage of the volca kick's powerful analog circuitry to generate the sub bass sound that's indispensable to dance music styles such as grime or trap.

USD 354.18

This is an easy to use Vintage style Tremolo Pedal with a wide range of Rate and Intensity. It's 2 controls give you all the access you need to dial up anything from a wildly insane Trem to a gentle and shallow wave, and all points in between.

USD 47.06

Reproducing the high gain distortion of the 70's and 80's rock era which is high on the list of many guitarists. Based on the sound of the Plexitone with a good simulation of the British Marshall Amp, it gives out bucket loads of Gain and Distortion.

USD 45.65

This is as simple to use as it gets. This Chorus Effect Pedal is designed with just 2 controls: Rate and Depth. From this it's possible to create some amazing tonal effects as a stand alone or on board application. Using a shallow depth setting and a slower rate trill, the unit can produce a dreamy and pure choral tone with a near acoustic warmth. When increased to a wider depth setting a fast trill rate it can reach the sound of a crazy frenzy of voices. These are the extremes but it's possible to create every desired chorus effect in between. Perfect for beginners and professional players.

USD 44.95

This is a very versatile Effect Pedal, with Presence and Distortion control it's possible to go from a clean boost to classic rock crunch and modern heavier distortion. The versatility comes from the 4 control knobs which give a huge range of tones, overdrive and distortion.

USD 45.15

MG-300 features with TSAC-HD amp modelling algorithm, which provides the best sound response and playability, CORE-IMAGE Post-Effects sound library offering you studio sound quality, user-friendly interface and interactive PC software, IR(Impulse response), USB audio stream(recording interface with re-amp function), and more. It's the best value for money multi-effects pedal in the market.

USD 235.42

Plug-and-play, easy and convenient to operate, powerful function for exciting effect. You can't miss it.

USD 253.6

Universal musical instrument pickup for acoustic guitar, ukulele, violin, cajon and other box vocal musical instruments.

USD 39.51

No need to pinch hole on instrument, just stick the transducer pickup with the strong glue included.

USD 44.48