Plug-and-play, easy and convenient to operate, powerful function for exciting effect. You can't miss it.

USD 205.99

High gain distortion effect pedal has strong expression with dynamic echo sound, suitable for solo.

USD 50.79

Excellent sound effect, giving you great experience.

USD 54.48

Wireless transmitter and receiver can be used for electroacoustic instruments such as guitar, bass, violin and so on.

USD 54.03

Wireless transmitter and receiver can be used for electroacoustic instruments such as guitar, bass and so on.

USD 54.1

Volume faders are easy to control, plus crisp-sounding LO/HI CUT filters, and a master chain that radically transforms the sound. In addition to the sync function found on all volcas, there are also DC output connectors that can supply power for up to three volca units. Numerous functions to facilitate your on-stage volca performances have been packed into a high-quality aluminum-paneled body, reminiscent of a high-end DJ mixer.

USD 347.37

Supports 3 working modes(Drum Mode/Looper Mode/Drum + Looper Mode), smart count-in and intelligent justify function makes using the drum machine and looper together a breeze, and they can also be used separately.

USD 127.2

A great sounding distortion effect pedal which is heavily influenced by the sound of the Mesa boogie Mark IV Amp. Featuring two gain controls to control high and low levels of distortion. To get the best results from this pedal, it should be used with a Tube Amp.

USD 45.34

This is a simple but very effective Delay Pedal which provides a good range for experimentation. Delay lengths of 25ms~1000ms allows plenty of variation when building up your sound depth and ambient tones.

USD 47.41

Influenced by the Xotic RC Booster, this is an incredibly dynamic Overdrive guitar effect pedal which responds well to your picking strength. By adjusting the controls you can get a range of tones from boost to overdrive with a hint of distortion. Perfect for rhythm guitar tones on the clean channel.

USD 45.85

This guitar capo is suitable for folk guitars, classical guitars, electric guitars, etc. A good helper for guitar players.

USD 17.53

5 tuning modes for option: chromatic, guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, suitable for a wide variety of instruments.

USD 16.85

The capo can give perfectly proper pressure to the ukulele strings, making them ring loud and clear without buzzing.

USD 18.3