--- This Foster drill bits are made of 45 steel with hardened head, sharp edge, high hardness, high precision, smooth cutting, impact resistance and high toughness.

USD 35.47

One box of valve spool set is suitable for auto air conditioning replacement and maintenance.

USD 21.4

With this glass cutter, you can cut glass and ceramic tile easily and conveniently. Eronomic design makes it comfortable for you to hold without fatiguing. Incisive wheel cuts your glass easily.

USD 33.79

Fixed Angle Knife Sharpener: easy to assemble and simple to operate, help to rapidly sharpening knives, time saving and labor-saving.

USD 16.99

The ignition plug thread repair kit includes one tap rethreader and 4 thread inserts, fits for 14mm ignition plugs.

USD 14.25

Nice double sided whetstone adopts premium material, features durable and practical to use, performs well in sharpening kitchen knives, scissors, chopper, shave knife, and many other edged tools. It is a useful sharpener tool for you to use!

USD 37.64

- Upgraded Safety: The manual rotation unlocking mode improves the safety of the lock, the safety performance of which can be compared with that of the mechanical safe.

USD 23.78

Compact and comvenient, easy to use. This product will make your life easier and convenient.

USD 10.08

- Upgraded Safety: The manual rotation unlocking mode improves the safety of the lock.

USD 21.92

Application: water pipes repair, home spare, worker work, car wash repair, pipeline  maintenance.

USD 15.99

Ultra-thin foldable laptop stand, the ergonomic angle protects the user's cervical-spine and eye health. ABS material is lightweight and practical, multiple silicones provides the finest protections for your equipment, special design reserve computer cable hollow for easy storage, compatible for 7-15 inch laptop.

USD 21.77

Powerful 25V Lithium Battery Powered All Copper Motor Portable Pressure Washer; Lightweight and compact cordless water spray gun body with filtration 5M long garden hose enable to draw any freshwater source for effortless outdoor cleaning and maintenance, deep double filtration of impurities in water, protection pump, prolong machines' service time.  With perfect amount of pressure It is great for heavier, but routine, cleaning jobs; such as car washing, deck cleaning, degreaser or garden watering etc.

USD 163.19

This is a multifunctional gases torch for camping, kitchen, industrial welding, etc. It is waterproof, moistureproof and windproof, which is safe and reliable. Come and try it, it won't let you down.

USD 12.29

This portable electric nebulizer has a capacity of 5L, easy to use. It's designed to spray fine mist at a range of 6 to 8 meters, powerful and efficient.

USD 169.99

This chainsaw is sharp but smooth, won't hurting your hands, small size and easy to carry, it is a good tool for outdoor adventure.

USD 23.33

This portable electric nebulizer is designed to spray fine mist at a range of 5 to 10 meters, powerful and efficient. With handle and a shoulder strap, it's convenient to use. Widely applicable in hotel, restaurant, school, hospital, train station, poultry farm, etc. for pest control, humidification, etc. 

USD 138.44

This product is an utility tool for you to use. Made of fine quality material aluminum alloy, which has a long service life, so you do not need to change it often. It also practical, easy to install and use, wide application range, come on and try it, it will not let you down.

USD 137.86