The sewing process kit is case packed, portable in size and weight. ABS hand shank, high hardness, smooth curve design, easy to handle. Surface silicone cover, skin-friendly, comfortable feeling and skid resistant. 9 replaceable PC material crochet hook, smooth surface, easy to knitting. USB cable, built-in cell, quick charge, can be used as flashlight, practical and delicate.

USD 21.57

35mm ABS plastic hinged hole locator, light and portable, easy to operate; Alloy hole cutter,, sharp and durable, continuous knife, suitable for positioning and installation of furniture door hinges.

USD 15.97

The furniture moving kit is designed for easily moving or lifting heavy items like bed, mattress, sofa, dresser, wardrobe, washing machine and refrigerator quickly and safely by yourself.

USD 32.01

The moving straps is designed for easily moving large and bulky items like bed, mattress, sofa, washing machine, and wardrobe quickly and safely. Great helper if you need to move house.

USD 31.24

This is an useful handheld tool, with this product, you can use it to polish the ch-ain of an electric chainsaw to restore the ch-ain to its previous state. Made of fine material, is a very practical product, can extend the service life of the ch-ain. Come on and try it.

USD 24.72

Lint Brush Head Surface: help to clean up the dust and dirt lodged in the mesh window screen fastly and thoroughly.

USD 15.99

2-IN-1 SINK DRAIN FILTER -- Bathtub stopper and filter 2-in-1 design, the anti-clogging basket can block dust, prevent hair blockage, and can effectively block and protect valuables from being lost. Bathtub stopper provide leak proof Water storage.

USD 9.2

This is a very useful modification tool. With this tool, you can convert the angle grinder at home into a garden pruning machine, which is easy and quick to install, saving you time and space, and also saving money for purchasing other tools. Come on and try it.

USD 81.55

Used for cutting wood and gypsum board and ceramic tile, accurate positioning, practical and perfect for cutting gypsum board.

USD 66.16

The 4pcs toggle clamps for quickly holding down sheet metal or circuit boards, lever control, easy operation.

USD 26.2

The light weight and portable electric spin duster is easy to use, which help to get the dust cleaning job done with ease.

USD 23.92

This is a kind of quality locking plate chuck, innovative design, special locking structure, manual rotating, fastening the grinding disc more powerfully. Equipped with slef-locking function, save effort when tightening, very convenient. Used for 1200W angle grinders and cutting machines with 11000r/min angular speed, and the polishing disc diameter is 125mm.

USD 17.21

SMART WAY TO MOVE -- With this furniture lifter and sliders you can easily glide furniture and heavy appliances from one place to the other so you can rearrange your furniture, move them out or get them out of the way so you can clean better.

USD 124.61

Practical delicate screwdriver with small ratchet kit, manual operation, easy to install and replace, high hardness metal, durable and wear-resistant, case storage, make small tools in order.

USD 56.61

Versatile Hole Puncher -- Adjustable Screw Hole Punch Leather Tool Paper Punch Craft Punches Bookbinding Tool.  Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces, such as leather, belts, plastic, rubber, canvas, fabric, cardboard, saddles, and similar materials; especially useful as a leather hole punch.

USD 16.78

Multiple specifications sanding drum and grinding wheel, easy installation, use for smoothing surface and curved edges, widely applied in nut-carving, wood, metal, lastics, jade, circuit board and other DIY finishing and working.

USD 20.86

This professional grade cutter sharpener stone is highly practical and long lasting. This whetstone sharpener can sharps any blade out there.

USD 56.99