This product is suitable for repairing and reinforcing all plastics parts of automobiles. Such as bumpers, instrument panels, lamp holders, plastics rings, radiators, plastics devices for car and motorcycles.

USD 42.55

This professional grade cutter sharpener stone is highly practical and long lasting. This whetstone sharpener can sharps any blade out there.

USD 99.99

Nice double sided whetstone adopts premium material, features durable and practical to use, performs well in sharpening kitchen knives, scissors, chopper, shave knife, and many other edged tools. It is a useful sharpener tool for you to use!

USD 38.55

The mouse sandpapers are well choice for sanding and polishing, 50pcs different grits sandpaper assortment from rough to fine to satisfy almost all your general polishing requirements.

USD 33.74

High Safety Performance: equipped with password device consisted of three numbers to provide protection and security from theft.

USD 15.99

High Safety Performance: equipped with password device consisted of three numbers to provide protection and security from theft.

USD 15.99

The overhead valve spring compressor riveted design for durability, for use on a wide range of OHV, OHC, and CHV engines.

USD 68.65

Set of 44pcs accessories including sawblades, cutting discs, cutting wheels, and screwdriver for electric grinder to handle with cutting, grooving, trimming and other craft work on carborundum, ceramic, glass, etc.

USD 25.06

The sanding drum and sleeve kit includes 600pcs abrasive sleeves, 6pcs drum mandrels, and 2 mini screwdrivers. Perfect for rust removing, wood sanding, metal polishing, etc.

USD 26.76

The 2pcs window kit plates is adjustable, the window adaptor is connector accessory. You can choose one or the two for your portable air conditioner.

USD 25.06

The 11pcs screw extractor set includes a tap holder, 5 drill bits and 5 extractors, remove damaged screws or bolts without damaging the hole threads.

USD 24.69

The touchless wall-mounted soap dispenser is designed to holding liquid soaps, shower gel, shampoo, which provides a easy and safe hand cleaning solution for you.

USD 45.7

The 16pcs glow plug removal set is designed to remove damaged or broken glow plugs of 8mm and 10mm from cylinder heads.

USD 77.06

Powerful angle grinding wheel has 16mm bore can intended to mount on a standard electric angle grinder and provide rapid material removal to save your time and effort, meet your various needs.

USD 17.1

The paint sprayer made of high quality material, has convenient trigger, control knobs for adjustment over spray pattern, fluid control and air pressure, provides precise and fuss-free spraying, creates the smooth and superior finish.

USD 49.99

Made of carbon steel and zinc plated, ensuring long service life.

USD 16.31

This is a kind of quality wood cutting hand saw, which adopts SK-5 steel-blade, high tenacity and with fine abrasion resistance. 3-edge sawteeth design have 3 times faster cutting speed than common saw tool, and with smooth cutting surface. TRP flexible glue handle, non-slip and with comfortable grip feeling. You can have a try.

USD 20.45

This product is used to recycle empty glass bottles and turn them into decorations. With it, you can DIY craft glass bottles, create your own glass sculptures and ornaments. Easy to operate and use.

USD 26.71