Compact and comvenient, easy to use. This product will make your life easier and convenient.

USD 10.83

The electric solenoid valve is 1/2" NPT ports, easy installation, arrow shows flow direction. It is nice replacement part for use with pipelines in water, air and diesel applications. 

USD 29.57

Bacteriostasis -- Our Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is formulated with tough antibacterial agents that kill almost all microparticles, keeping your toilet bowl sanitary and deodorized.

USD 32.69

This professional grade cutter sharpener stone is highly practical and long lasting. This whetstone sharpener can sharps any blade out there.

USD 55.33

The boxed 3pcs cold glue are used to repairing dent of car tooth caused by collision, easy to use and no damage for paint.

USD 39.72

Precision Hole Drill Guide -- 6mm/8mm/10mm Metal wear-resistant bushs included to ensure accurate alignment when drilling for perfectly positioned dowels every time.

USD 18.56

This Car Storage Box is designed to be installed into the seat gap to organize small items, keep things within easy reach, and keep the seat clean and tidy.

USD 16.4

With a 5 meter / 16 feet long cable, this cable auger is designed to unclog kitchen sink, bathtub, toilet and floor drain, etc. A useful tool that will come in handy and save you from a lot of troubles.

USD 28.77

This human skeleton model is fully designed to scale, with flexible limbs, very realistic and durable.It is a good teaching model, suitable for medical students and professionals

USD 205.99

The decoration elements periodic table display is made of acrylic, which is safe and non-toxic, no bad smell, no wear and tear over time, making learning more fun, learning tools designed by professional teachers for students.

USD 53.21

The paint sprayer uses premium material, has control knobs for adjustment over spray pattern, fluid control and air pressure, ensures precise and fuss-free spraying, creates the smooth and superior finish.

USD 72.99

Premium quality three-section soft close ball bearing drawer slides. Made from high-grade cold rolled steel material, sturdy, corrosion resistant and rust-proof. Easy to install, widely used for kitchens, office, store fixture, institutional and residential casework, etc.

USD 21.53

A nice tool kit to repair damaged ignition plug threads and lengthen spark plugs service time.

USD 28.04

A beautiful set of stamps at an attractive price point to spice up your crafts. The stamps are 1cm wide in solid forged metal construction, press into leather with ease and are legible. Create your own leather bag, shoes, wristband, belt, wallet, etc. with the 32-piece kit.

USD 23.23

Nice double sided whetstone adopts premium material, features durable and practical to use, performs well in sharpening kitchen knives, scissors, chopper, shave knife, and many other edged tools. It is a useful sharpener tool for you to use!

USD 37.34

The touchless wall-mounted spraying machine is designed to nebulize hand cleaning liquid or alcohol, which provides a quick and easy hand disinfection and achieving optimal hand hygiene for you.

USD 45.7

A comprehensive kit covers the most need of a novice or an avid leather crafter, created to help make repairs and do leatherworking projects, gives you all the basic in a set. Simply beveling, punching, sewing, stamping, grinding, etc. do a complete process of making leatherwork with the 273pcs kit!

USD 205.69

 Compact and comvenient, easy to use. This product will make your life easier and convenient.

USD 16.29