Whether you are in a photography studio, in a woodworking shop, while doing DIY jobs around the house or with your favorite crafts, spring clamps are always needed, especially whenever you need an extra hand. Widely used in DIY, model making adhesive use occasions, make you effective in working.

USD 56.99

Hard metal material, large application scopes turning tool with premium quality carbide insert and wrench. This kind of turning tool has long service life, low consumption, decrease the cost of turning tool. Multi-type meet all your wood DIY work need.

USD 90.89

The brake caliper piston re-wind tool provides quick and efficient winding back of brake pistons, perfect for removal/installation of press-fit parts, right hand drive.

USD 25.18

The tie rod end wrench removal tool is universal for vehicles to easily removes inner tie rod ends from 27~42mm diameter without disassembling rack and pinion. 1/2"square drive tool for the removal of the direction of the steering rod.

USD 21.98

The 12pcs screw extractor set includes 6 screw pullers and 6 drill bits, remove damaged screws and fasteners from 3mm to 25mm with ease.

USD 19.92

--- Black flexible seal repair tape that can be easily slapped to any leaks for instant watertight bonding and sealing.

USD 12.66

The 9pcs stud removal & installer set is used for removing or reinstalling studs without damage to the stud thread. Thread sizes are M6 X 1.0, M-8 X 1.25, M-10 X 1.25, M-10 X 1.5mm.

USD 31.46

This set of right angle positioning clamp is your nice life assistance. What are you waiting for? Just come and buy.

USD 27.99

The hand planing tool can trim gypsum board, soft wood board and plastics quickly.

USD 21.13

This professional cutter sharpener stone is highly practical and long lasting, can grind any blade out there.

USD 23

The screw extractor remover tool set is used to remove damaged screws, spiral friction design, quick screw out.

USD 12.65

The screw extractor remover tool set is used to remove damaged screws, high hardness and strong torque.

USD 12.5

The steering gear wrench is used to remove the ball inside the ball rod, no need to remove the gear chain. Master tie rod tools easily replace inner steering rod ends.

USD 29.59

This is a kind of quality beer dispense device, made of aluminum, brass and stainless steel material, fine durability and can provides long service time. The built in check valve can not only protect your regulator but also prevents gases backstreaming.

USD 40.4

This woodworking T-type slide bar has a variety of length options, including 100 mm / 200 mm / 300 mm / 450 mm. It has thread type and without thread type to meet different requirements. It is made of aluminum alloy with high strength and is not easy to rust.

USD 13.33

Professional class 50mm socket (with offset design) for removal/installation of car motor crank screws.

USD 24.01

The product is a full kit tool of installing wood floor, manual operation, lightweight, simple and safe to use by yourself. 20pcs trapezoidal gasket, high quality, anti-slip do not hurt wood floor surface. 

USD 44.69